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It’s a fact. Dental care and routine dental exams often assist with the early detection of possible diseases or conditions that could negatively impact your employees, their families and your company’s bottom line. Dental coverage is important - without it many employees may never visit the dentist at all.

Bridgewell’s DentalCare 1000 Plan is a perfect complement to our secondary medical and limited benefit plan designs. Our plan is priced with affordability in mind and administered with the same turnkey administration as Bridgewell GAP, MEC, and Limited products. Our DentalCare 1000 Plan offers all that you will need in terms of prevention, basic and major dental procedures. Coverage includes:

  • Preventive Procedures (Every 6 months)

  • Basic Procedures (Simple Extractions, Fillings)

  • Major Procedures (Root Canals, Surgical Extraction of Teeth, Bridges & Crowns, Dentures, Partials, Implants)

  • Orthodontics (Children under the age of 19 only; one year prior ortho coverage required)