Bridgewell Health

The Bridgewell Difference

What makes us different

How it works

We want to bridge the financial gap and fill in the holes of coverage in your current HDHP plan.

That's why Bridgewell Health is a secondary medical coverage designed to integrate easily with a primary base medical plan, most often a high deductible health plan (HDHP). We provide several plan options for various levels of coverage between the higher deductible amount with a primary health insurance and the amount you actually want to and can pay --the ability to customize and choose what type of benefits and monthly costs you want, in order to hit the dollar amount that fits your needs.

Bridgewell’s Gap Plan provides a truly cutting-edge solution for both employers and employees to not only lower the cost of healthcare premiums but to also address the underlying cause of premium increases, the unhealthy lifestyles of today’s busy society.

This is a smarter approach -- both for employer and employee alike!


Seamless integration with your high deductible  plan

We're in the business of making healthcare insurance more affordable and this is how we do it.

Having a gap plan means that it will always be a secondary insurance to a major medical primary base plan as chosen by an employer. How it works is simple: combine Bridgewell's Gap Plan with an already existing primary medical insurance plan that has a high deductible level ($5,000, $6,500 or $6,850). When you combine plans together, our Gap Plan plus an HDHP plan, that's when the savings start!  You get the coverage you want and save between 10-25% compared to single payer plans.

And for plan members, it is as simple as carrying two insurance cards with them: ours and theirs.

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