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With the rising costs of healthcare expenses, there had to be a better solution in the sea of unaffordable and complicated health insurance plans. In efforts to help employers and employees get quality care at a price that both can afford, Bridgewell Health was born.

After years in the health insurance industry, Bridgewell Health is a new company with experienced roots. Founded with over 20+ years of experience, Bridgewell's innovative group medical gap plans and limited benefit products help companies think smarter about their healthcare without compromising the value or quality of care, service and coverage.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Bridgewell products are rooted in the philosophy that wellness is truly the key to curbing healthcare expenses. By focusing on lifestyle improvement and wellness mentality, we present unique and innovative plans to not just keep more money in our member's pockets but get us all healthier and living our best life now.


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At Bridgewell Health, we know that finding affordable health insurance isn't easy. Our goal is to make it simple for brokers, employers and members to navigate through our products and services.

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Available Products


Secondary Medical Gap Coverage

When you combine your current HDHP primary base plan with Bridgewell’s Gap Plan as the secondary insurance plan, you get the coverage you want and save between 10-25% compared to single payer plans.

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Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plans

Our MEC Plans are designed to meet the requirements of Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), while delivering tangible benefits designed to promote proactive, preventive engagement for your employees and their families.

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Limited Benefit Medical Coverage

Bridgewell Health also offers three unique limited benefit plans that cover all the bases for MEC coverage but also go further, giving employers maximum flexibility when more than MEC is required.

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Dental Coverage

It’s a fact. Dental care and routine dental exams often assist with the early detection of possible diseases or conditions that could negatively impact your employees, their families and your company’s bottom line. Dental coverage is important - without it many employees may never visit the dentist at all.

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Vision Coverage

We all know that vision care and routine vision exams can assist with the early detection of disease and concerning health conditions. Through our partnership with VSP® Vision Care, Bridgewell Health offers you a competitive group vision plan specifically designed to complement our secondary GAP, MEC, and Limited products.

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