Bridgewell Health


It's in our name

Let's focus on healthy

Integrated in every Bridgewell Plan is a participatory wellness program. We believe that the only way to truly reduce health insurance costs is by first living a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Since 75% of all healthcare costs come from unhealthy lifestyle habits, targeting our wellness mentality and health rhythms will ultimately save the most money over time.  

To keep you motivated along the journey,  we designed WellBucks as an incentive for those who participate in our wellness program, earning up to $300 every year.  Mix and match annual opportunities along with monthly themed activities to maximize your available WellBucks during the plan year!


It's time to live your best life now

Most traditional, fully-insured health insurance plans don't have a meaningful wellness program, and that's what makes us different. Over 44% of people say their current job has made them gain weight, created neck or back pain, or significantly decreased their energy. It's time to live your best life now! We'll give you up to $300 in a plan year for participating in our wellness activities. Now that's some real motivation to get living!

Lower out-of-pocket costs with WellBucks

Our wellness program is simple. Each month there will be an activity, either focusing on wellness or lifestyle improvement, for each participating member to complete. After you, or even your spouse, has completed the activity, you will receive WellBucks in your WellBucks Account. Let this amount add up and use it toward your out-of-pocket expenses, up to $300 per member! There's also annual activities to complete during the plan year too.

Don't use all your Wellbucks this plan year? Don't sweat.
We'll roll over any unused dollars --up to a maximum of $600 a year.