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Product Overview

At Bridgewell Health, we're committed to the employers that we serve. We've designed products that meet the needs of today's employer --regardless of industry type. We put you in the driver's seat as you develop a group health solution that works for your organization and culture.  Curb rising premium costs without sacrificing benefits with our Gap Plans.  Address ACA-compliance concerns with our MEC and Limited Benefit plans.  Our client service teams are standing by to ensure that your experience with your Bridgewell Health Plan exceeds expectations!


Bridgewell Gap Plans

When you combine your current high deductible primary plan with Bridgewell’s Gap Plan as the  secondary insurance plan, you getthe coverage you want and save between 10-25% compared to single payer plans.


Bridgewell MEC Plans

Our MEC program provides plans that meet the requirements of Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), with an available 36-month (3 year!) rate lock! These products are strategically geared to help you stabilize your costs over time.

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Bridgewell Limited Benefit Plans

Our limited benefit plans cover all the bases for Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) and also go further, offering limited outpatient and inpatient medical benefits to give employers maximum flexibility when more than MEC is required.


Through our consultative approach - we can put you in touch with a experienced sales representative who will help you develop the best Bridgewell program to meet you strategic needs --providing immediate relief and direction, with a long-term focus always in mind.